We put the willies up our Lindzi at Ghoulies Haunted House

At The Guide Liverpool, we like to think that we’re generally a nice bunch of people. Every now and then though, we can have a mean streak…as our Lindzi Germain found out when we set her up to be grabbed by the Ghoulies!

After we’d tried, unsuccessfully, to pin down Jay to host an ‘interview’ with Ghoulies Overlord John O’Brien, good ol’ Lindzi stepped up to the plate for us. She’s a star like that. What she didn’t realise was that her, erm, mates at The Guide had turned gangster and set her up for a terrifying (but hilarious) experience at Liverpool’s only open year round live action scare attraction and horror-themed bar.

5 minutes into her interview with John, a well-staged interruption from a member of Ghoulies staff saw him have cut the interview short to deal with an urgent matter. Lindzi was quickly on to the fact that we might be setting her up…but by then it was too late! She may be a fantastic actress but trust us, her fear here is real. Sorry Lindzi! Fair play to our cameraman Tom for playing along too (and for letting Lindzi grab his arm the whole way through.)

Watch above as our Lindzi gets a fright she’ll never forget! 

Fancy getting grabbed by the Ghoulies this Halloween? Here are 5 reasons that its the best fright in town.


The team at Ghoulies aren’t messing about; they’re out to properly scare you. At every turn, you’ll be greeted with a blood-curdling combo of actors, masks, costumes, state-of-the-art animatronics and special effects. Try not to cack your undies.


If the macabre masks and killer costumes alone aren’t enough to get you spooked, the Ghoulies have a few other tricks up their sleeves. Expect sinister smells, ear-splitting sounds and enough terrifying touches to fuel your nightmares forever.


The bar at Ghoulies is fantastic and a destination in its own right. Weekly events include Psycho Sundays – featuring ‘Killer’  pool against the Reaper and ‘The Brain Dead’ quiz – as well as a Psychic Night every Wednesday. The cocktails are top notch and, let’s face it, you’ll probably need a quick nerve calmer the second you set foot through the door.


She might have hated the surprise but Lindzi admitted to having loved her Ghoulies experience. Are you brave enough to face your fears and come out smiling the other end? You can even challenge the workplace to get involved with a Ghoulies corporate package.


You don’t stay busy all year round and get nominated for top industry awards by pulling the same scares every time. What keeps Ghoulies ahead of the game are their brilliantly scary concepts and themes, which guarantee a fresh fright each time you go back.

To find out more about Ghoulies Haunted House and to book your tickets, head to www.ghoulieshauntedhouse.co.uk or click here . There’s a special offer running on Monday to Wednesday bookings in October, just enter FEAR in the coupon code box. 

Make sure you check out the official Facebook page here for regular updates on the latest scares, and it’s one of funniest social media accounts around too. 

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