We sent Ben to meet the cast of Ale House, playing St Helens Theatre Royal

We sent Ben to meet the cast of a brand new comedy coming to St Helens Theatre Royal from Tuesday 6th October. The cast has some of the biggest names in it from Liverpool comedy – Lindzi Germain (Sex and the Suburbs and Hitchhikers Guide to Fazakerley) as the brassy landlady who takes no messing,George Wilson (Grange Hill and Brookside) as Kick Off, Philip Olivier (Brookside and Benidorm) as Yogi, and Jake Abrahams (Twopence to Cross the Mersey and Council Depot Blues) as Trevor.

Fancy 2 FREE tickets to the Ale House for Wednesday 7th October, with a free programme and FREE pre show and interval drinks?

Course you do!

Just leave your name below to WIN!

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  1. Suzanne Rossiter

    4 years ago  

    This looks so funny. I’m a scouser and my husband is from St. Helens, I brought him to Liverpool 12 years ago….. Would love to take him to see this

  2. Wendy Ellison

    4 years ago  

    Brilliant cast , brilliant prize and would be the perfect night out

  3. Liam Cronin

    4 years ago  

    Id love to win these tickets and take my mum! Looks like an hilarious play.

    • David Wright

      4 years ago  

      Well done Liam! You are the winner for The Ale House tomorrow. We will email you.

  4. James

    4 years ago  

    This would make my life

  5. Sandra Ward

    4 years ago  

    Would Love to Win the Tickets to Ale House at St Helens Theatre

  6. simon

    4 years ago  

    I looked forward to an entertaining evening at the st helens theartre on Friday evening and thought to myself that £20 was a reasonable price to be entertained by a stella cast. Well hold on to your hats and against all positive reviews by what I can only describe as delusional scousers (of which I’m proud to say I’m one).
    I found myself throughout this play wondering what was the point. The script was as thin as a supermodel on a seaweed diet. The characters were fat too one dimensional. Philip oliver tried his best with the script he was given but to no avail I could feel myself cringing at his lines . Don’t get me wrong the cast tried but the jokes didn’t work as well as they had been used as well as they had been ten years previouslypreviously.
    Can I please send a message to George Wilson please, please in your next role don’t use a st helens or northern accent as you can’t pull it off but if there’s a chance to play ant or Dec in a revival of byker Grove you’ve got the newcastle accent bang on. Entertained! well maybe a little Thanks for trying and try you did with this nonsense of a so called script but like they say you can’t polish a turd.
    2 stars out of 5

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