This week’s full episode of The Guide Liverpool from Shooters Bar, L1

This week Jay & Ellie are upstairs in Bierkeller at Shooters Bar in Liverpool ONE.

Whilst Ellie perves at the rugby players on the telly’s we have got another huge show with lots of goss about what is happening in and around Liverpool.
Jay speaks to the General Manager of the new Clubhouse in Liverpool One about the city’s hottest new venue.

Ellie meets Chef Adam Franklin to talk the best day of the year, Global Scouse Day.

Superb music from local band Minor Moguls and funk duo Spink.

Valentines stuff to do in the city with the Liverpool Echo’s Queen of ‘what’s on’ news Jade Wright…and Jay faces the scariest moment of his life when he takes part in a crossbow stunt at the Liverpool Empire with the cast of Impossible.
You show, your site – your city. Watch this week’s episode of The Guide Liverpool here.

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