Who doesn’t want to see a Knowsley Safari Park giraffe eating a pumpkin on Halloween!?

Alex, Knowsley Safari’s Rothschild giraffe, turned five this Halloween and has celebrated with his very own pumpkin treat!

Knowsley Safari keepers gave him a pumpkin filled with treats such as carrots and hay. Alex then explored for treats with his long tongue! Keepers at Knowsley Safari make a continuous effort to focus on the enrichment of their animals, and hope that this will encourage Alex to keep his food interesting during the winter months.

Giraffe’s are the world’s tallest land mammal and all nine subspecies are native to Africa. They have faced increasing threats of extinction in recent years due to multiple factors such as loss of habitat, and they are also hunted for their meat, hides and tails.

Visitors can come and say happy birthday to Alex for less this week as kids go half price until 4 November.

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