World Mental Health Day: 5 support apps to download now

By Anthony Stewart

We need to start communicating again properly.

When was the last time you reached out to a family member or friend and asked how they are? As World Mental Health Day brings to the fore the crippling signs, symptoms and misconceptions about illnesses such as depression, anxiety and PTSD, our writer, Anthony Stewart invites you to join the Merseyside Mission.

Sometimes, asking for help can feel like a mountain too big to climb and so making the first move, reaching out as a friend, work colleague or family member can be critical. Make that phone call, pop by, as small as those gestures can be, they will certainly impact on an individual suffering mental health and could make all the difference. So let’s remember as a Merseyside Mission, we all have a duty to care and look after one another and make sure we look after ourselves and of course our Mental Health too!

Liverpool Mental Health awareness is on the up and as new services begin to roll out, including Chasing the Stigma, created by scouser and former comedian, Jake Mills. Following his own personal battle with depression, Jake used his personal experience to develop an app called Hub of Hope. Read on to find out more.

Check out our list of 5 Mental Health initiatives that offer advice, support and a listening ear….

1 – Talk Liverpool NHS

Talk Liverpool is a free NHS service offering psychological therapies to adults in Liverpool who are feeling depressed or anxious. This particular service can be provided by a referral from your local GP or by self referral, either by telephone 0151 228 2300 or online at

2 – James’ Place

This is a service in Liverpool that provides a non-clinical centre for men experiencing suicidal crisis in Liverpool. You can access this service by referral either by telephone: 0151 303 5757, email or send them a private message via their website here.

3 – Samaritans

Offer a free helpline to individuals 24 hours a day all year round, if you are struggling to cope and need someone to talk to There are a range of different methods of contact such as, email, text or arrange to speak to a trained staff member face to face. You can get in touch via telephone: 116 123 or for additional information visit

4 – CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

This service provides a free, confidential and anonymous helpline as well as a web chat service, open seven nights a week. Offering support and advice to men who are experiencing depression or feel they are in crisis. Access to this service can be through their helpline 0800 585858 and website at

5 – Chasing the Stigma (Hub of Hope)

Chasing the Stigma is the UK’s first ever comprehensive national mental health database, the Hub of Hope has urged people across the country to make time for their own mental wellbeing. Drawing on his own personal experience, creator, Jake Mills teamed up with software agency, Mashbo to create the Hub of Hope, a digital platform that brings grassroots and national mental health services together in one place for the first time ever. Find out more at  or click here. 

Mental Health

One thing that social media can be praised for is bringing support to the palm of our hands. For those unable to access physical services, or those who like to monitor their mental health using technology, there are some amazing apps that promote relaxation methods and wellbeing advice.

Here’s 5 of the best apps designed to support Mental Health….

1 – Chill Panda

This app aims to help with breathing, heart rate and relaxation. As our Mental Health is linked to our mood,; Chill Panda aims to enhance self-regulation of emotions by introducing ideas and skills that could help children and families understand the relationship between their feelings, body sensations and different activities.

2 – What’s Up

What’s Up? is a fantastic free app utilising some of the best CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress and more! With a beautiful, modern design, simple heading and easy-to-follow methods, you can get to what helps you the most in seconds!

3 – Well Mind

WellMind is your free NHS mental health and wellbeing app designed to help you with stress, anxiety and depression. The app includes advice, tips and tools to improve your mental health and boost your wellbeing.

4 – Mood Mission

MoodMission is an evidence-based app designed to empower you to overcome low moods and anxiety by discovering new and better ways of coping, When you tell MoodMission how you’re feeling, it gives you a tailored list of 5 simple, quick, effective, evidence-based Missions to improve your mood.

5 – SuperBetter  

This app has helped nearly half a million people so far achieve personal growth and tackle real-life challenges. People around the world are using SuperBetter to beat depression, overcome anxiety, cope with chronic illness or chronic pain, heal from physical injury, or recover from post-traumatic stress.

We want to hear from you. If you have some great advice, coping strategies or the details of a mental health support service that we should be talking about, drop us a line. We’re on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or email us and we’ll share the best on our socials.

Join the Merseyside Mission and reach out today.

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