Your Guide To The 6 Of The Best Merseyside-Based Podcasts

Podcasts on all sorts of subjects have loyal fans. You’ll see them laughing to themselves with their headphones on while sitting on the bus, they’ll constantly try and persuade you to listen to their favourite or they’ll have extraordinarily tidy houses as they’ve discovered, unlike television, you can do other things while listening to these pre-recorded radio-style shows. Music, film, comedy, sport and a huge variety of other subjects are covered in an online world which stretches much further than you may realise. True to form, the trend of podcasts has not passed Liverpool by. There’s lots of great shows to hunt out and we’ve picked out some of our favourites here.


The Anfield Wrap

The Anfield Wrap - Podcast Guide - The Guide Liverpool
Started in 2011, TAW has won fans all over the world and is possibly the best known podcast in the city. The Wrap is also a digital magazine and website which covers all things Liverpool Football Club. It has been called the best team-specific podcast in the world by an American publication and brings insight as well as terrace humour to the online air waves. Contributors are always of the highest calibre and well worth a listen, unless you’re a Blue of course.


Fresh Garbage

Fresh Garbage. Podcast guide - The Guide Liverpool
The man who brought us the superlative podcast The Sound Of Music, Bernie Connor is taking a step into the increasingly popular world of live podcasts with Fresh Garbage. The show, which like its predecessor mixes chat and lost musical gems, takes place at Buyers Club every Sunday and feature special guests as well as your new favourite tracks. Sounds like essential listening/viewing for the citys music fans.


Toffee TV

Toffee TV - Podcast Guide - The Guide Liverpool
Not to be outdone, Toffees fans also boast a host of quality podcasts. An offshoot of the Toffee TV YouTube Channel, this podcast features ex-players as well as famous Evertonians and fans discussing the blue half of the city. It’s the perfect way of keeping up with goings-on at Goodison.


Funny Lookin’ Presents
The comedy community has taken to podcasts in a big way and as Liverpools comedy fraternity grows with more comedy nights and venues in the city than ever before, it makes sense to have a live comedy podcast to cater for those looking for a laugh. Gav Cross presents this live show from 81 Renshaw Street starting in December. Guests for the first series include Arthur Smith, Holly Burn and Beth Vyse.


Merseyrail Sound Station

Mersey rail Sound Station - Podcast Guide The Guide Liverpool
Hosted by our Jay Hynd, the Merseyrail Sound Station podcast features chat, tracks from the best bands currently plying their trade in Merseyside as well as a live session and gig guide with Bido Lito! magazine. The monthly podcast runs alongside the year-long Sound Station prize which gives up-and-coming artists a chance to win a year of industry mentoring, studio time and free train travel. Previous guests on the podcast have included Hooton Tennis Club, Natalie McCool and She Drew The Gun.


The Film Book Club
Taking the age old format of the book club, popularised by Richard and Judy, this podcast focusses instead on films. Another one which is recorded live (at the trendy Myrtle Street watering hole, Kabinett) The Film Book Club is presented by film buffs Gary Lunt and Jamie Williamson who talk about a particular filmic subject and occasionally welcome special guests.

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