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Each Fortnight The Guide Liverpool previews five of the best films coming to the silver screen in Liverpool. Whether you fancy a laugh, a weep or an all-action romp, we’ll preview the flicks we are most excited about and want you to check out. This time we have the return of Bond, another movie star biopic, a Shakespearean adaptation and an A-lister stuck on Mars. All very exciting!

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Life (15)

Former photographer Anton Corbijn (Control, The American) makes a welcome return to the director’s chair with this personal portrayal of the iconic actor James Dean. Robert Pattinson plays a photographer for Life magazine who sees something in the magnetic but wayward Dean (played by unknown Dane DeHaan) and soon gets caught up in his erratic lifestyle.

Out now



Palio (12A)

Italian street horse-racing event the Palio takes place twice a year and encapsulates all the drama, power and pomp that sport is capable of. Thus making it a fantastic subject for a film. This documentary is made by the same director as the highly acclaimed Amy and Senna so expect an interesting, informative and engaging piece of work.

Out now

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The Martian (12A)

Matt Damon stars in another film set in space hoping to live up to the magnificence of Gravity and last years Interstellar. With Ridley Scott directing we can expect another fantastically realised film and the story sounds nothing short of incredibly intriguing. Mark Watney (Damon) is stranded on Mars after an aborted mission with meagre supplies in a hostile environment. As the world roots for the astronaut’s safe return we follow his struggle on the red planet and the team who are putting together the strategy to bring him back.

From 30th September


mac (2)

Macbeth (15)

Michael Fassbender takes up the titular role in Justin Kurzel’s adaptation of The Scottish Play. Shakespeare adaptations can go from the sublime (Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet) to the ridiculous (Russell Brand in The Tempest anyone?) so let’s hope Fassbender’s inclusion is a seal of approval for this latest effort. Australian director Kurzel is known for the pitch dark Snowtown film, a real life story of a serial killer which is as harrowing as it is well put-together. So don’t expect this to be an easy watch. Even if you do have an English Lit. GCSE.

From 2nd October



Spectre (12A)

Bond is back. After the success of Skyfall, which won almost unanimous praise, many are waiting with baited breath to see if the follow up will live up to Daniel Craig finest 007 performance so far. The inclusion of Christopher Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious Basterds) in the cast is surely a good sign. Spectre pits MI6’s premier spy against a shadowy organisation which may just be his match. Probably not, though.

From 26th October


Seen any these film? Let us know what you thought – did they live up to the hype?

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